A comprehensive digital campaign for All But Gluten

February 16, 2016 Drew Mac

All But Gluten, a company with over 24 gluten free products, came to us just before the holiday season with a simple, but challenging request: devise a campaign to promote their line-up of gluten-free products and keep their brand top of mind during the holidays, one of the busiest shopping seasons.


Campaign Goals

All But Gluten asked us to focus on these three goals in particular:

  • Drive print at home coupon prints, and in tandem, holiday product sales
  • Increase Facebook likes
  • Increase Twitter following and activity

These objectives required consumers to take a few different actions, so we realized an integrated approach was needed to achieve them.


How We Increased All But Gluten’s Social Media Following

We created and launched the "Holiday Happiness with All But Gluten" contest to generate engagement and social activity. Users enter into a sweepstakes for the chance to win a free iPad Mini and year’s supply of products, by completing simple actions such as:

  • Visiting ABG social media profiles
  • Posting/tweeting about All But Gluten
  • Sharing ABG content
  • Viewing gluten-free recipes
  • Visiting the coupon landing page

Here's a demo of how it works:

To date, the contest has generated more than 15,000 entries and ABG’s Facebook likes have surged by over 4,000! It has also created an impressive amount of referral activity - about 10% of users who entered shared with someone who later entered the contest. In effect, the sharing mechanism not only drove greater contest engagement, but also increased awareness of All But Gluten and helped to keep the brand top of mind and active with consumers.


Reinventing the Print-At-Home Coupon

Printing coupons at home is a popular coupon distribution tool, and we’ve added some effective improvements. We built ABG a landing page devoted to the promotion of their print-at-home coupon. It employed a remind-me-later function for mobile devices so users wouldn’t forget to print the coupon on their printer-connected devices later. We also included relevant internal links for the holiday contest, ABG recipes, social media sharing and store location page. Since its implementation, the print-at-home coupon has driven a high number of prints.

At GlutenFreeCoupons.ca, we make sure every campaign is tailored to our clients' specific needs. Coupons, social media posts and consumer contests are only as effective as their management and promotion, which is why are constantly exploring new ways to communicate to gluten-free consumers. We get results because we have built a relationship with our members, and have acquired our members organically through partnerships with the Canadian Celiac Association, and family and friends referrals.

Let’s discuss your gluten-free advertising strategies for your most successful year yet!

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