Have Celiac Disease? Get those tax credits!

April 28, 2016 Lisa Cantkier


It’s tax season and if you are a reside in Canada and have celiac disease (or have a dependent with celiac disease), make sure you file accordingly in order to take advantage of the tax credits you are entitled to, from the government.

It’s pretty simple—according to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) you’ll just need the following 3 items:

  • a letter from a medical practitioner confirming the person suffers from celiac disease and requires GF products as a result of that disease
  • a receipt to support the cost of each GF product or intermediate product claimed
  • a summary of each item purchased during the 12-month period for which the expenses are being claimed (see example below)


1. Item: bread
2. Number of items purchased: 52
3. Average cost of non-GF product: $3.49
4. Average cost of GF product: $6.99
5. Incremental cost (line 4 minus line 3): $6.99 – $3.49 = $3.50
6. Amount to claim (line 5 multiplied by line 2): $3.50 x 52 = $182.00

Have questions? Send me an e-mail and I’ll do my best to help!

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