Reporting Gluten-Free Issues In Canada

September 22, 2016 Gluten Free Doll

Gluten-Free Standards

In Canada, a gluten-free manufacturer is expected to ensure that no gluten containing grains are present as an ingredient and that all ingredients used in the manufacture of a gluten-free product are indeed gluten-free and have not been cross contaminated in any way. Meaning gluten-free equals gluten-free. Not maybe, or almost, but entirely gluten-free.

What Can You Report?

  • Foods containing gluten, being sold as gluten-free 
  • An adverse reaction you've had following the consumption of gluten-free food
  • Restaurants/bakeries which market gluten containing items as gluten-free
  • Food falsely advertised in print as gluten-free

    How To Report Your Concerns

    Please report your concerns to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). They are responsible for enforcing the labelling regulations that are set by Health Canada. Once they have your complaint, they will investigate further. 

    Contact your local CFIA regional office or call the following toll-free number 1-800-442-2342.

    You can also use this online form to report your food safety or labelling concern.

    What Will Happen

    When you make a complaint, the CFIA will open a case file and launch a food safety investigation. A representative from the agency will contact you and may visit your home. A home visit is necessary for retrieval of leftover food in question. A sample will then be sent to a lab to be analysed. They may also visit the store which you purchased the item in question at to collect more samples.

    You will be asked for 

    • Brand Name Of Product 
    • Size, Universal Product Code (UPC), Best Before Date 
    • Name and Address Of The Store where product Was Purchased At 
    • Purchase Date(s) 
    • Home Address (ensures your inquiry reaches the correct CFIA regional office) 
    • Daytime Phone Number so an inspector can reach you

    Please keep any remaining product as a sample may be needed for investigation

    You're Making A Difference

    Speaking up and voicing your concerns is priceless. I cannot stress enough how important this is. Every complaint is taken seriously and thoroughly investigated.

     Thanks to our help, the CFIA is able to:

    - Issue Food Recalls
    - Implement Label Updates
    - Provide Allergen Safety Alerts
    - Prevent Companies From Engaging In Misleading Advertising
    - Notify Manufactures About Allergen Protocol

    Did you know that you can sign up for food recall warnings via email? There's also a handy web application  which you can download free of charge, to stay up to date as well.


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