The Paleo Diabetes Diet Solution

November 1, 2016 Lisa Cantkier


The Paleo Diabetes Diet Solution published by Robert Rose Inc. was released this month in support of Diabetes Awareness Month. I coauthored this three-in-one guide, cookbook and meal plan with functional nutrition specialist and best-selling cookbook author Jill Hillhouse, and we are very excited about it!

With 125 tasty diabetes-friendly recipes that are free of gluten, grains, sugar, dairy and inflammatory ingredients, this book can help to deliciously and effectively manage diabetes, while offering the paleo diet’s many other health benefits! 

In addition to blood sugar management, science supports the paleo diet as being a helpful diet and lifestyle choice for those who have digestive disorders like celiac disease, crohn’s disease, colitis and other chronic and autoimmune conditions.

There is an online book tour happening all month long to celebrate the launch. Many wonderful food and nutrition experts are participating in this event, including Andria Barrett, Erin Budd, Carol Fenster, Julie Daniluk, Ricki Heller, Kim Lutz, Joy McCarthy, Rose Reisman, Tina Turbin and Victoria Yeh. Join the fun and engage on social media using the hashtag #PaleoDiabetesDietSolution for your chance to win a free copy of the book! For more information about the online book tour, click here.

A full press release can be found here. More information about the paleo diet can be found here. The book itself is available here (Canada), here (USA) and wherever books are sold. ♦

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Lisa Cantkier is a holistic nutritionist and lifelong celiac specializing in special diets and food allergies. For more information, visit

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