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Over 25 million North Americans looking for gluten-free products are confused and overwhelmed by the number of gluten-free label claims in the market.  They are looking for a way to identify safe, reliable gluten-free products they can trust, hence the development of the Gluten-Free Certification Program  (GFCP).


Products displaying a GFCP trademark have been manufactured in a facility which successfully undergoes a robust, non-biased, annual third party audit. This audit verifies the facility’s ability to routinely meet the stringent GFCP standard requirements for managing the production of gluten-free products.


For more information please visit www.glutenfreecert.com

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Gluten-Free Certification Program

The Gluten-Free Certification Program is endorsed by the Canadian Celiac Association and National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (now BEYOND CELIAC)

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