Promise Gluten Free Chia Seed Loaf is Product of the Year

June 16, 2015 Promise Gluten Free

The Product of the Year award, is backed by the votes of thousands of Canadian consumers, as well as a jury comprised of industry experts. The winners are selected for outstanding value and innovation.

We are delighted that Canadian shoppers have spoken and have chosen our Chia Seed Loaf as the best in Gluten Free Foods!
Our PROMISE GLUTEN FREE Chia Seed Loaf offers consumers unrivalled Taste, Texture and Nutritional Value.

Unlike other brands of gluten free breads, all of Promise Gluten Free breads have the taste and texture of “normal” breads, with unrivalled nutritional values for health conscious consumers – Low Fat, Low Sugar and High Fibre. This is why huge numbers of Canadian consumers are switching to  Promise Gluten Free, as no brand comes close on what is really important for gluten free customers. 

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Promise Gluten Free

There’s a Promise Gluten Free for every occasion and taste – chia seed, raisin bread, rolls, muffins, pancakes – all with that unmistakable Promise Gluten Free taste and texture. There’s never been a gluten free brand that tastes this good, and is so good for you!

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